Cold Water Extraction

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Cold water extraction is the first step towards any successful restoration when you have just faced a water leak, water abatement or a leaking toilet.  Because all next steps depend on the initial inspection, only by certified technicians who work in a highly professional manner. Let Fountain Valley Water Damage handle your disaster so you can relax knowing you made the right choice.

We are fully equipped with all industrial tools needed and have the proper expertise to deal with such unpleasant and harmful situations. Instead of wasting precious time trying to fix this issue all by yourself, allow us to save your goods and clear the area before it becomes a threat to your health and your dear ones.

We strive to be as non-intrusive as possible when working on your property. Thus, we perform cold water extraction and then in place drying, to restore both carpet pad and carpets without moving them. Our staff is trained according to the latest IICRC standards and procedures to obtain the desired results and erase any traces of water in no time.

Every cold water extraction job is different, because we pay great attention to your needs, the location type and the extent of the damage. Still, we have all equipment and tools needed for any type of cold water extraction task:

• Light wand water extraction tool for the carpets
• Drag wand mid-way water extraction tool
• Water claws for carpet and pads
• Ridable water extraction tools

But the first thing we do when called for an extraction job is mark all the areas affected by the disaster, hidden or seen. In this stage, our infrared camera is of great help for the unseen pockets of water. So are the submersible pumps that allow us to remove all standing water before using the more precise tools for carpets and upholstery.

Fountain Valley Water Damage is the most recommended water damage restoration company in town, with an established reputation of being a great and serious partner for its clients.

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