Fire Sprinkler Damage

Some of the most common factors that cause a fire sprinkler to burst are:
- Overheating
- Corrosion
- Mechanical damage
- Manufacturing defect
- Installation flaw

When fire sprinklers cause damage to your home, rest assured we will find the cause and present a solution. No matter how large or small the damage may be we have the expertise and equipment to give your commercial or residential property a full recovery.

We give technicians the training they need to restore fire sprinklers that cause damage due to common causes such as mechanical damage, manufacturing defects, installation flaws, overheating or corrosion upon the date you received the fire sprinkler.

We provide customers with a quick response and guaranteed emergency response times 24 hours 7 days a week because we know water damage is a time sensitive issue. Without the correct damage control in place, you could lose your investment to damage caused by fire sprinklers. The cost of fire damage might be way more than water damage, but when you experience a fire sprinkler malfunction contact us immediately as we can help get you back on track.

If you find yourself facing such unfortunate challenges too, don’t hesitate in calling us at 714-352-4073 immediately!