Restoration Services by Fountain Valley Water Damage

Besides taking care of the appearance of your location, we pay great attention to the potential health hazards that may arise when a water disaster occurs. Areas that were in contact with water are great sources of mold and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses to you and your dear ones. We can detect them in an early stage and remove them before any pathogenic risks appear.

During our years in business we have seen it all and helped a lot of customers when water affected their properties in severe and permanent ways. Give us a call and let us help you, too: 714-352-4073!
1. Initial inspection: Any successful restoration begins with an evaluation of the total damaged suffered. Only after doing so we can isolate all affected areas and prevent secondary disasters from happening.

2. Cold water extraction and dehumidification: Once the source of the damage is spotted, we can start removing standing water with our submersible and truck mounted pumps. After the inspection that confirms us that we extracted all water, we install industrial dehumidifiers and high-capacity ventilators for a fast drying process and an accelerated air circulation.

3. Drying process: For a successful drying process we constantly measure air temperature, moisture content and humidity levels and adjust them in response to the environment’s signals. Off site storage is available if we must remove certain pieces of furniture or objects from the property until the area is safe again.

4. Water damage remediation: When this whole process ends, you must regain the wonderful conditions your property you use to have before the water incident. Therefore, we will come up with various solutions and present several restoration plans, with budgets and amount of time needed for completion. Please be aware that this step might take up to several days in accordance to your total loss and the surface that was affected. We assure you, though, that we will work fast and in an effective manner to complete the restoration process as quick as possible.